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                                                                                       TANK CORPS

As can be seen, the GWS' core British portrayal is that of the infantry. 

Whilst there is no set Tank Corps unit within the GWS, we are able to provide British tank soldiers from both the earlier "Heavy Section" and "Heavy Branch" of the Machine Gun Corps, as well as the Tank Corps itself, which was formed in July 1917.


Our personnel are all completely correctly-equipped to portray & interpret a tank crew at any point during the Great War (between 1916 when the tank was introduced into service, and 1918). Uniquely, this allows the Society to cater for specific events and venues where a Great War tank is on-site (such as at the Tank Museum, BOVINGTON). 

As with all our activities, the GWS' portrayal of the Tank Corps is historically accurate, and uniquely showcases the variety of specialist protective equipment which was issued to the men who fought in the unpleasant and confined working environment inside the early tanks.

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