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You may contact The Great War Society by telephoning any of our Society Unit Co-ordinators, as listed below.
Alternatively, you can contact a Co-ordinator online by clicking on the relevant contact link.

The Great War Society

         Chairman - Owen POWELL

         Telephone: 07999 881551

Middlesex Regiment

Covers most of the South of England, plus parts of the Midlands and Wales.

Unit Co-ordinator: Gordon CORBET

Telephone: 07903 074504

Inf.Reg.Nr.28 'Von Goeben'

Imperial German infantry unit, covering the whole of the UK.

Unit Co-ordinator: George NICHOLLS

Telephone: 07538 617588

York & Lancaster Regiment

Covers parts of the Midlands and the North of England.

Unit Co-ordinator: Dave SIGGERS

Telephone: 07435964288

Royal Flying Corps and Tank Corps

"Second Impression" units, covering the whole of the UK. 

Co-ordinator: Owen POWELL

Telephone: 07999 881551

If you wish to get in touch with the society with via email please use the box below. If you are interested in a certain portray please state the name of the regiment in subject

Thanks! Message sent.

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