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                                                                                       ROYAL FLYING CORPS


As can be seen, the GWS' core British portrayal is that of the infantry. 

Whilst there is no set Royal Flying Corps unit within the GWS, a small number of our members have an active interest in the Corps. Therefore, to facilitate that interest, we are able to provide RFC personnel - portraying both aircrew & ground crew - which also allows the Society to cater for specific events and venues with a Great War aviation theme (such as those at STOW MARIES Great War Aerodrome, the Royal Air Force Museum & the Shuttleworth Collection). 

As with all our activities, the GWS' portrayal of the Royal Flying Corps is historically accurate & respectful, reflecting our high regard for the men who flew in an era when it was pretty courageous simply to fly, let alone to do so in combat. These pioneering soldiers of the air truly wrote the rule book of military aviation ...

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