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                                                                       INF.REG.NR.28 'VON GOEBEN'

This is the German infantry unit of the Great War Society, portraying a section of an infantry unit within the Imperial German Army.

The unit portrayed is 5. Kompanie, Infanterie Regiment von Goeben (2. Rheinisches) Nr.28, which was part of 16 division, VIII Armeekorps. The division fought on The Somme, in Flanders and in Russia.


I.R.28 was chosen as it was a typical Prussian line regiment, Prussian units making up the vast majority of the German Army. I.R.28 also fought at Waterloo and the Duke of Wellington later became its Colonel-in-Chief.


As a unit, we aim to further our own understanding of the Great War and the experiences of the German soldier.


With our living-history displays, we hope to educate a wider audience about the life of German soldiers in the Great War and to continue to remember the war dead of all the participant nations. 

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